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Having HIV can be scary. But you can live a full life with help from Rush infectious disease doctors who are experts in managing HIV and HIV complications.

Having HIV can be scary. But you can live a full life with help from Rush infectious disease doctors who are experts in managing HIV and HIV complications.

The Rush Approach to HIV Care

Thanks to major treatment advances, HIV is now considered a chronic disease that can be successfully managed in most patients with antiretroviral therapy (ART). Rush infectious disease physicians are experts on how to treat your HIV with these medicines. They also conduct research on promising new therapies. So if you are not responding to your current drug regimen or have become resistant, we will explore treatment options with you, including clinical trials of experimental medications.

Our goal is to reduce your HIV viral load to "undetectable" on blood tests. By regularly taking your medicines, you can halt the progression of HIV, strengthen your immune system, and lower your risk of transmitting HIV to others. At Rush, your infectious disease doctor will see you on a regular basis to monitor your health and help you manage any medication side effects or medical problems that develop, such as infections.

Our physicians also have a lot of experience caring for patients who have other serious health conditions — such as hepatitis, liver failure or kidney failure — in addition to HIV. For instance, we have specialty services at Rush for HIV patients who are seeking an organ transplant or have neurological complications. If you are struggling to get your HIV under control or to manage other medical problems, we can help you.

HIV Care Providers at Rush

Rush has HIV care providers in downtown Chicago.

Meet our HIV care providers
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Rush Excellence in HIV Care

  • Uncovering new treatments: Rush is one of the leading centers in the U.S. for research aimed at preventing, detecting and treating HIV infection and AIDS. Rush has been an HIV/AIDS clinical trials site for the National Institutes of Health since 1987. This means you will have access to a variety of new treatment opportunities at Rush.
  • An emphasis on prevention: We are dedicated to preventing HIV and stopping its spread. You and your partner can talk to your Rush infectious disease physician about PrEP drugs (pre-exposure prophylaxis), which can prevent the spread of HIV to people who do not have the disease. We can also talk with you about family planning options.
  • All the specialty care you may need: As people with HIV age, they tend to have a higher risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, memory issues and other conditions than people without HIV. Our infectious disease doctors can refer you to other experienced specialists at Rush, including our nationally-recognized cardiology and neurology programs, to help you prevent and manage these diseases.
  • Emotional, financial and social support: We understand that a variety of nonmedical issues can get in the way of successfully managing your HIV. That's why we have a clinical pharmacist who can help resolve insurance coverage issues so you can afford your HIV medicines and a social worker who can help you line up housing, food stamps or employment. If you are experiencing depression, anxiety or other emotions that are hard to cope with, we can refer you to a Rush psychiatrist, psychologist or other mental health provider. Our LGBTQ+ patients can also find support at The Rush Center for Gender, Sexuality, and Reproductive Health.

I'm doing great. I don't know how the whole thing could have gone any better. Everyone I talked to at Rush was compassionate, competent, careful and caring — I'm just really impressed with the people at all levels.

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