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Department of Diagnostic Radiology

Using a wide range of imaging technology, such as MRI and PET scans, radiologists at Rush provide insights about many health issues. They can also treat health problems using advanced, minimally invasive interventional radiology techniques. Through an incision no larger than the tip of a pencil, interventional radiologists can treat conditions such as atherosclerosis and fibroids.

Radiologists at Rush can evaluate the human body from head to toe, with individual radiologists specializing in assessing specific kinds of images. For example, some radiologists focus exclusively on images of the breast (e.g., mammogram), gastrointestinal system or brain. They dedicate themselves to just one thing so they can interpret images more precisely.

The department researches better, more cost-effective diagnostic approaches to promote quality patient experiences. They also dedicate themselves to the following:  

  • Your safety and comfort
  • Accuracy
  • Quick turnaround times