COVID-19 Vaccines Now Available for Kids Under 5

RUSH specialists address parents' top questions about the vaccine

Child receiving vaccination card
Children’s Health

Twins Return to RUSH after 25 Years

On 25th birthday, Morgan family makes a visit to the NICU

Morgan family share memories with NICU staff
Children’s Health

The Dog Can See You Now at RUSH

Tyra, Chicago’s first facility dog at a children’s hospital, helps kids cope with hospitalization

Facility Dog

Taylor's Story

Young hoops star finds treatment for rare liver cancer at RUSH

Taylor Ray
Children’s Health

Infant Formula Shortage: What You Need to Know

RUSH specialists help parents navigate the nationwide formula shortage

Infant Formula
Health Equity

RUSH Expands School-based Health Care to South Side

Teens in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood can access health services in their school

Student speaks at microphone
Children’s Health

Hepatitis and Adenovirus: What Parents Should Know

Physicians are investigating recent cases of liver inflammation in children

Liver and hepatitis
Children’s Health

Helping Kids Navigate Surgery

Treasure map sets young patients on interactive journey to Recovery Island

Treasure Map
Children’s Health

Pediatric Welcome Questionnaires Provide Key Connections

Rush pediatricians launch project to complete key screening in advance using MyChart and technology tools

A Rush physician plays Connect 4 with a Rush pediatric patient

‘Wait-and-See’ Approach to COVID Vaccine Can Be Risky

'Luck is not a good strategy with this virus,' pediatrician says

Child getting COVID shot