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Women’s Health

Joy's Story: Robotics Aids Breast Reconstruction

Robot-assisted DIEP flap surgery can mean less pain, quicker recovery
Joy Sobocinski

Breast Cancer Screening Myths and Facts

RUSH diagnostic radiologist Lisa Stempel, MD, separates myths from facts about screening for breast cancer
Waterford Place

‘Pretty in Pink’ Raises Awareness and Funds

A fundraiser in support of breast cancer awareness benefits Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center
Omar Ramos, program development and operations manager at Waterford Place, got a pink strand in his hair to help raise funds for Waterford Place and awareness of breast cancer.
Patient Stories

Diane Grandgeorge’s Story: ‘I Felt Taken Care Of’

Support from her care team made Diane's breast cancer treatment easier
Diane Grandgeorge

Kristina’s Story

Kristina had a great support system to help her through cancer treatment. Now she wants to help others

Omar Ramos and Kristina Lubic

Deep Inspiration Breath Hold

Deep inspiration breath hold is a technique to protect the heart during breast cancer radiation therapy

Breast Cancer in Men

Yes, men can have it, too
Breast Cancer in Men_feature

Kari's Story

Follow-up screening with ABUS found what turned out to be breast cancer
Patient Stories

Nazli’s Story

Realizing she needed emotional support from others changed this cancer patient’s life
Nazil Bayer

What Happens After a Screening Mammogram Callback?

A request for more tests doesn't automatically mean breast cancer