RUSH Oak Park Hospital’s New Electrophysiology Lab Brings Treatment to the Suburbs

The EP lab will treat patients with and abnormal heart rhythms and other heart related conditions closer to home
Front view of RUSH Oak Park Hospital on a sunny day with blue skies. A sign in the foreground directs patients and visitors where to go for various services.

A new electrophysiology lab at RUSH Oak Park Hospital is bringing treatment closer to home for patients with heart conditions in the western Chicago suburbs.

This state-of-the art EP lab will treat patients with abnormal heart rhythms and other heart related conditions, including the following:

  • Those with very slow heartbeats in need of pacemakers.
  • Patients with rapid or dangerous rhythms that may lead to cardiac arrest and require defibrillator implants.
  • Those with atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter and other arrhythmias such as supraventricular tachycardia who may need ablation procedures.

The brand-new facility features four recovery bays, and there is a family suite where guests accompanying patients can wait during procedures.

“It truly is going to make patients feel like they are having a five-star experience,” says Parik Sharma, MD, MPH, clinical cardiac electrophysiology specialist at RUSH.

EP treatment for local communities

Beyond the new accommodations, the lab offers RUSH’s electrophysiology care more locally to patients in the suburbs of Chicago. For some, a trip to the city for treatment at the main RUSH campus might not be as convenient.

“Some hesitate about having to drive to the city, find parking and go through the motions of traveling,” says Sharma. “But now, patients within the region all the way to the western suburbs could get their procedures done at Oak Park instead.”

The location of the lab should appeal to referring physicians looking to send patients to a facility for continued care, as well. Those in need of treatment may feel more comfortable following up close to home, especially elderly patients who have difficulty traveling.  

The lab also brings conduction system pacing and other novel procedures to the suburbs. RUSH electrophysiologists have implanted over 600 His-bundle and left bundle branch pacemakers with a 98% success rate.

An experienced team, a brand-new lab

The EP team at RUSH Oak Park Hospital includes three electrophysiology physicians and one nurse practitioner with two additional nurses, and a lab tech on site. In the new facility, the team will be able to treat even the most complex cases of heart rhythm abnormalities. 

“All the physicians are electrophysiologists, so their area of expertise is dealing with these abnormal rhythms,” Sharma says. “Electrophysiologists are the electricians of the heart; they’re specialized cardiologists who have advanced training in identifying, managing and treating these heart rhythm disorders.”

The lab’s opening will mark the first time that RUSH has brought state-of-the-art EP facilities to the suburbs that match the level of care available at the main Chicago campus.

“I am excited that RUSH Oak Park Hospital will be able to offer patients in our community a full range of electrophysiology services, including outpatient visits, inpatient consultations, device clinic and minimally invasive procedures such as device implants and catheter ablation of arrhythmias,” says Erica Engelstein, MD, clinical cardiac electrophysiology specialist at RUSH. “I believe our newly opened EP lab and specially trained and recruited staff will be able to offer a personalized experience unmatched by any.”

To schedule an appointment for electrophysiology care at RUSH Oak Park Hospital or to refer a patient, call (708) 660-2328.

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