Provider Spotlight: Michelle Haugen, Massage and Lymphedema Therapist

Michelle Haugen is a massage and lymphedema therapist at Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center
Michelle Haugen

Michelle Haugen loves seeing the benefits that relaxing massage therapy provides. A licensed massage and lymphedema therapist who specializes in oncology, Michelle joined the Waterford Place team in 2016 and looks forward to providing oncology massage therapy support for participants for years to come.

“It is an honor and a privilege to walk beside people as they navigate the challenging terrain of cancer diagnosis and treatment,” she says. “It’s truly uplifting to hear people’s stories and witness their inspiring resilience. I love my work because of the people I work with —participants as well as the dedicated and compassionate staff.”

Michelle uses both her listening skills and her technical skills to provide each participant with a relaxing, gentle, restorative oncology massage. Listening to their physiological concerns allows her to be mindful of problem areas so she can provide the best massage therapy for that individual on that particular day. “We become a team and work together,” she says of her relationship with each participant.

Michelle provides oncology massage at Waterford Place and at the Rush University Cancer Center in Chicago, and she has her own private practice as well. When not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She loves exercise, nature and caring for her plants, both indoor and outdoor.

Although the pandemic currently prevents her from providing massages at Waterford Place, she continues to share her skills and will be presenting a virtual hand massage workshop for participants and caregivers on Monday, Feb. 22.

Michelle looks forward to providing massage therapy again when it is safe to be together. Sending a message to Waterford participants, she says, “I sincerely value our time together. I miss you and thank you for placing your trust in me.”

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