Provider Spotlight: Kristi Niedzwiecki, Fitness Instructor

Teaching tai chi to help manage life’s challenges
Kristi Niedzwiecki, Fitness Instructor, Waterford Place

To Kristi Niedzwiecki, tai chi is a way of life. She loves to practice the martial art and share it with others.

Certified as a fitness instructor by the American Council on Exercise, Niedzwiecki teaches tai chi in a gentle movement class at Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center. Practicing tai chi improves balance, reduces stress and lowers blood pressure, she says. 

But it also offers other benefits. “Most of all, tai chi helps you meet day-to-day challenges by harmonizing mind and body,” she says. 
In the five years she has taught at Waterford Place, Niedzwiecki has seen many of her students improve their balance and their overall well-being.

“I have connected with so many wonderful people,” she says. “I enjoy helping them and watching them progress in their goals.”

In addition to teaching classes at Waterford Place, Niedzwiecki teaches tai chi to senior citizens and at a local spa. She also provides reiki services. Her other interests include writing, painting and playing guitar. “Anything creative feeds my spirit,” she says.

Kristi’s philosophy is to “teach what you know and continue to grow. Do what you can, continue to practice and never stop moving.”

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