Mother and Daughter Have Nursing in Common

Inspired by her mom and wanting to help people, Courtney Buttrum followed mom Becky into nursing
Becky and Courtney Buttrum

Nurses Becky and Courtney Buttrum had similar beginnings to their nursing careers. Both started at Rush Copley Medical Center as new grads from Waubonsee Community College, and both went on to earn their bachelor’s degrees from Aurora University. 

It was the way the mother and daughter discovered their calling that was a bit different.

When Becky was in high school more than 35 years ago, the push was for her to become a secretary. Then, she participated in the nursing aide program at her school, and she changed paths.

For Courtney, the route was more direct. Nursing interested her but it was mostly because of her mom. 

“I watched my mom,” Courtney says. “I saw the great experience she had and that Rush Copley was a wonderful place to work. And helping people was always something I wanted to do.”

Becky was excited to see her daughter go into nursing, especially at Rush Copley.

“It’s another thing we have in common,” she says. “I love being a nurse, and I’m glad she went into that field.”

Becky, BSN, RN, has worked at Rush Copley for 35 years, starting in 1987 in cancer care. She now works in Outpatient Oncology at Rush Copley Healthcare Center in Yorkville. Her daughter Courtney, BSN, RN, began as a START nurse at Rush Copley nine years ago, working in a medical-surgical unit. She now works in the Vascular Care Unit.

Although they work in different locations — Becky works in Yorkville and Courtney is at the main campus in Aurora — they love working for the same organization. And they learn from each other.

Courtney finds it especially interesting to hear the differences in the ways they do things. “It’s cool to have those conversations,” she says.

And as a self-described “old-school nurse,” Becky loves hearing the new nurse perspective from Courtney. “She’s a strong nurse,” Becky says of her daughter. “I hope she feels I’m even half as strong a nurse as she is.”

Becky is proud of Rush Copley’s mission and promise to patients, and that’s one of the reasons she has worked here so long. She says the hospital’s growth has also encouraged her to stay and be part of the team.

“Rush Copley has a big place in my heart,” Becky says. “I’m proud to tell people I work here and to recommend our services. I’m proud of the way we take care of people. Rush Copley is 100% for the patient.”

“Everyone is treated with respect,” Courtney agrees. “It’s an awesome place to be.”

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