Health Equity

Julia Bassett on Food Distributions Through RUSH

There is only one grocery store for over 17,000 Garfield Park residents. Watch how Julia Bassett and her team are working to fill the gap so people can live healthier lives

Mission Trip to Honduras Provides Lessons for RUSH Copley Residents

Without X-rays or medical equipment, physicians rely on their senses to treat patients
Honduras girl hugs Dr. Bolanos

Enduring Trials, Achieving Greatness and Bridging Gaps

For Golden Lamp Society scholarship recipient Charlene Gamboa, PhD ’21, being a trailblazer has come with big challenges — and rewards
Charlene Gamboa, PhD
Waterford Place

Students Sew Port Pillows for Patients

Project allows students to ‘do something for someone else’
Teacher Nancy Jansen shows Omar Ramos some of the port pillows her students made.
Health Equity

Sen. Durbin Highlights Success of HEAL Program

RUSH supports community-focused anti-violence efforts
RUSH social worker joins student and principal at anti-violence event

RUSH Launches Career Pathway Program for Nurses With Associate Degrees

Partnership with Lewis University will enable nurses to work toward BSN degrees
Associate degree

Passionate About Volunteering

Dawn D’Orazio joined RUSH Copley’s Patient and Family Advisory Council to help make patient care better
Dawn D'Orazio

Clearing the Path to Supply Chain Career Success

RUSH’s partnership with JumpHire helps train and prepare people for careers in supply chain operations
Jeremy Strong

Bethel Daily Bread Opens in Austin

Amazon-funded community health hub addresses immediate and long-term needs
Food pantry

Garfield Park Rite to Wellness Collaborative Finalist for Chicago Prize

Collaborative has plans for physical and mental health services, workforce development, a grocery store and more