Diane’s Story

Excellent results from multiple surgeries motivate Wisconsin resident to drive hours for treatment
Diane tills the soil in her garden

Wisconsin resident Diane Moelling first met Jonathan Tueting, MD, when he was practicing at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. The surgeon replaced a joint on her ring finger, corrected a trigger finger and performed a shoulder scope, all with very good results.

“I was very pleased with him,” she says. So, she was devastated to learn that Tueting, a shoulder, elbow, hand and micro surgeon, was leaving Wisconsin to practice in Illinois.

But Tueting’s move to Castle Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine did not prevent Diane from continuing to seek treatment from him. She now drives two-and-a-half hours to one of Castle Orthopaedics’ three locations in Aurora and Yorkville and is thankful that her insurance allowed her to follow him.

Exceptional treatment, excellent outcomes

“He has treated me exceptionally well, and I have had excellent outcomes,” Diane says. “I really trust him. He takes time to explain things and asks if I have questions. It helps in making decisions, and I really appreciate that. I feel 100% confident in what he tells me.” 

Diane has severe arthritis in her hands and counts procedures on seven fingers and both shoulders among her surgeries. Tueting also performed a reverse shoulder replacement for her husband. He had good success, too.

“We’ve been to Rush Copley far too many times,” she says, “but we’ve had very good results.”

Diane enjoys painting, gardening and canning and is grateful she can still enjoy these hobbies.

“That’s what’s important,” she says. 

Improved quality of life

Now retired, she has always been active and spends much of her time volunteering. She also frequently babysits her grandchildren — and this means playing with them, not just watching them.

“It betters my life to have these procedures done,” she notes. After surgeries on seven fingers, she says, “They all work much better now.” She had triggers fingers — a condition in which a finger gets stuck in a bent position — but following her surgeries, she is able to use them. 

Since she has complete trust in Tueting, she has no worries when she goes into surgery. In addition, she says he and his staff are respectful, kind and caring.

“We’ve been to all three locations, and they all treated us well,” she says. “I truly feel blessed to have had exceptional care, experiences and outcomes with Dr. Tueting. He treats me like family.”

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