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600 S Paulina St
Armour Academic Center - Suite 130
Chicago, IL 60612

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Mon – Fri: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Sat – Sun: Closed

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Appointment (888) 352-7874

About Rush Memory Clinic

  • Diagnosis for dementia and memory loss: The Rush Memory Clinic conducts tests to evaluate your memory, language and thinking abilities. These tests are sometimes known as cognitive or neuropsychological tests.
  • Referrals are required: You will need to have a referral from your provider to visit the Rush Memory Clinic. Your provider will either give you a referral to call us for these tests, or they will send us a referral directly.
  • Memory and cognitive evaluation: Evaluations at the Rush Memory Clinic are typically two hours long. Here is what you can expect:
    • During the evaluation, you will have a neuropsychological test to assess your memory, language and other thinking abilities.
    • Our memory experts will review any brain imaging that you have already had, along with the results of your neuropsychological test.
    • Our experts will then discuss the diagnosis and recommendations with you and your loved ones and answer any questions you have.
    • We will share your diagnosis with the provider who referred you to the Memory Clinic so that you can receive ongoing care from that provider. Note: We do not provide ongoing dementia-related care at the Memory Clinic.
  • Insurances accepted: We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Medicare and Medicaid. All other insurance providers are considered out of network for our services.
    • Please check with your insurance provider to determine if you will need to get approval for coverage before your visit. Pre-approval may be required, especially if you are enrolled in a health maintenance organization or Medicaid replacement plan.

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