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MIND Diet From RUSH Ranked Among Best for 2023

Brain-healthy diet recognized by U.S. News for sixth straight year
Brain-healthy food
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Research Shows How the Human Brain Drains Fluid

Research reveals new knowledge about the brain’s structures that are involved in cleansing the brain of fluids and waste with a steady fluid stream.
Rupal Mehta, MD
Alzheimer’s Disease

RUSH Researchers Receive Grant to Study Dementia Therapy Device

Wearable tool aims to reduce agitation in people with dementia
Dementia Device
Alzheimer’s Disease

Strawberries May Help Fend Off Alzheimer's

Compound in strawberries associated with fewer tau tangles in brain, according to RUSH researchers
Strawberries in white blow
Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s and Daytime Napping Linked in New Research

Longer and more frequent napping was correlated with worse cognition
Alzheimer’s Disease

Experts Share Tips for Reducing Dementia Risk

RUSH physician-researcher on panel recommending ways to stave off cognitive decline
Older adult couple dancing
Alzheimer’s Disease

Researcher Aims To Diversify Alzheimer's Data

Black older adults often underrepresented in studies of aging and brain health
Lisa Barnes, PhD
Alzheimer’s Disease

MIND Diet Linked to Better Cognitive Performance

Study finds diet may contribute to cognitive resilience in older adults
Healthy fruits and vegetables
Alzheimer’s Disease

Physically Active People Have Healthier-Looking Brains

Study of brain tissue MRIs involved participants in Rush's Memory and Aging Project
Active brain
Alzheimer’s Disease

Remaining Mentally Active May Delay Dementia Onset

Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center researchers examined impact of activities such as puzzles, games and reading
Mentally Active