Fragile X Syndrome Clinic

Children and adults with fragile X syndrome have unique medical, behavioral and educational needs. You and your loved ones will get personalized care and evaluation at the Fragile X Syndrome Clinic at Rush — the only clinic for this genetic disorder in Chicago.

The clinic provides comprehensive care, including the following:

  • Medical assessments of associated neurological issues (e.g., seizures)
  • Treatment to manage symptoms (e.g., medications, referrals for complementary therapies)
  • Family counseling and education

 To make an appointment:

  • Patients must already have a fragile X syndrome diagnosis.
  • The clinic schedules appointments two to three months in advance.

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Remarkable Care for Kids

  • Comprehensive care for fragile X syndrome: The Fragile X Clinic at Rush offers comprehensive care, family counseling and diagnosis of fragile X syndrome. This is the only fragile X clinic in Chicago.
  • Access to clinical trials: Pediatric neurologists at Rush University Children's Hospital are clinician-researchers who are leading research studies that focus on novel approaches to treating children with fragile X.
  • Family-centered care: The heart of Rush University Children’s Hospital is family-centered care. Your child's care team believes your family should play an integral role in determining the best care plan to address your child’s unique needs and lifestyle.


stethoscope Meet our fragile X Syndrome providers