Family-Centered Care at Rush University Children’s Hospital

child sitting on table at doctors office

We understand that you know your child best. That’s why we believe children’s families are integral members of the care team.

The heart of Rush University Children’s Hospital is family-centered care. Whether your child comes here for a well-child visit, an acute illness or a more complex medical condition, you will be involved in every care decision for your child.

You can expect the following at Rush University Children’s Hospital:

  • Collaboration: You will work hand-in-hand with your child's clinicians to determine the best plan of care for your child.
  • Personalized care: Your child's clinicians will encourage you to share valuable insight into your child's overall well-being to help determine what services and treatments are right for your child's unique needs and lifestyle.
  • Quality care: Research has found that family-centered care helps improve children's overall health, while also reducing the length of time they are in the hospital.

"At Rush University Children's Hospital, we seek to create a collaborative environment where patients and families are part of the care team. Every child we take care of is unique, and we work with families to figure out a treatment plan that works for them. The care that we provide here is also evidence-based — we provide the highest standard of care based on the most current scientific knowledge." ‒ Anil Kesavan, MD, pediatric gastroenterologist