Family Advisory Council

No one knows your child and your child’s needs as well as you do. That’s why RUSH University Children’s Hospital is committed to having parents and families play a leading role in their children’s health care. Bringing this role to the forefront is the Family Advisory Council.

The Family Advisory Council brings together families, clinicians and hospital employees — all with the common goal to improve patients’ experiences. This innovative partnership empowers families to have a meaningful voice in the care children receive here.

woman talking at a meeting

How the council works

Through quarterly meetings at RUSH’s Chicago campus, the Family Advisory Council addresses issues related to pediatric care at RUSH University Children’s Hospital. The council helps foster a collaborative relationship between patients, families and clinicians.

Members of the council are encouraged to provide productive and constructive feedback on the following:

  • Hospital policies and programs
  • Facility design
  • Day-to-day interactions with clinicians

Being a member of the council

Members of the council are encouraged to do the following:

  • Introduce issues that affect patients and families
  • Provide feedback and offer ideas on how to make improvements in current systems and processes, quality, and collaborations between families and staff collaborations
  • Lead initiatives to help continue to assess and improve upon patients’ and families’ experiences

Making a difference

Some of the council’s accomplishments include the following:

  • Expand dining menu in pediatric inpatient units to offer more kid-friendly options, such as mac-n-cheese, chicken nuggets and fresh fruit
  • Extensive input in the design and layout of pediatric units and room design
  • Updates in furnishings and artwork throughout RUSH University Children’s Hospital
  • Extensive participation in the development of family educational materials

Family-centered care

Family-centered care is at the core of the RUSH University Children’s Hospital. Input and involvement from the Family Advisory Council is an important element in family-centered care.

Family-centered care focuses on recognizing the vital role that families play in their loved ones’ overall health and well-being. Studies have found that family-centered care leads to better health outcomes and greater patient and family satisfaction.

How to Apply

If you are interested in serving on our Family Advisory Council, please complete an application.

Staff will review all applications and candidates will be selected for an interview. Please contact Megan O’Connell, Family Advisory Council liaison for RUSH University Children's Hospital, at for more information.