CHNA/CHIP Reports and CBR

Our community health reports identify opportunities to help us meet the needs of our communities.

Our community health reports identify opportunities to help us meet the needs of our communities.

Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and Community Health Implementation Plan (CHIP) Reports

The RUSH 2022 CHNA and 2023-2025 CHIP reflect the enormous impact of COVID-19 on Chicago — and underscore the importance of our ongoing work to achieve racial health equity.

Between 2019 and 2020, life expectancy dropped significantly for Black, Latinx and AAPI Chicagoans, while remaining nearly the same for whites. The pandemic illustrated clearly what we have known for years: In neighborhoods with more equitable access to resources, there are fewer health disparities and people live longer.

Our CHNA and CHIP provide the road map for our work to improve access and dismantle barriers to good health. We developed this document in close collaboration with community residents, nonprofit organizations, other health systems, government agencies and faith communities. Together, we're focused on addressing clear goals through specific, measurable initiatives.

It takes time to move the needle on health equity, so our goals remain the same as those outlined in RUSH's 2020 CHIP. The goals now appear in order of their impact on the factors that contribute most to life expectancy gaps:

  • Prevent and/or manage chronic conditions and risk factors
  • Increase access to mental and behavioral health services
  • Reduce inequities caused by the social, economic and structural determinants of health
  • Increase access to quality health care
  • Improve maternal and child health outcomes

Past CHNA and CHIP Reports

Past Community Benefit Reports (CBRs)

Additional Health Equity Reports

  • Anchor Mission Playbook explains Rush's role as an anchor institution and shares the approach behind Rush's Anchor Mission Strategy
  • What We Heard: Coming Together to Improve Health and Wellness on the West Side is a report that arose from a January 2017 meeting and 21 community conversations about health disparities and other inequities with stakeholders who work, live and congregate on the West Side. The foundational document of West Side United, this report summarizes the opportunities for improving health on the West Side and the feedback community members provided about the collaborative’s proposed goals.
  • 2018 Health Equity Report: Patient Care Through An Equity Lens* examines who visits Rush for care, the conditions that bring people through our doors and how their outcomes reflect public health trends around health disparities that are largely related to race and ethnicity. This report, the first of its kind for Rush, is a launchpad for our work to continue improving the equitable delivery of health care to the communities we serve.

*Resources in the following list were used to inform the 2018 Health Equity Report: Patient Care Through An Equity Lens:

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