Vascular Surgery Services

Providing you next-day appointments for quality vascular care and the latest endovascular technology, including minimally invasive procedures for faster, smoother recoveries.

Providing you next-day appointments for quality vascular care and the latest endovascular technology, including minimally invasive procedures for faster, smoother recoveries.

The RUSH Approach to Vascular Surgery

As a part of a leading academic medical institution, RUSH vascular surgeons and specialists have decades of experience diagnosing and treating both common and rare diseases that affect the arteries, veins and lymphatic system. This includes aneurysms, peripheral vascular disease (PVD), varicose veins and thoracic outlet syndrome.

Whatever your condition, we want to make sure you feel heard and taken care of. That’s why we encourage and include your input when we’re developing your personalized and comprehensive care plan.

Our vascular surgeons use the latest technology — including open surgery, minimally invasive surgery and catheter-based treatments — to help you recover faster and with less pain. The team is highly skilled in aortic dissections, complex aortic aneurysm repair, arterial reconstruction, lower extremity bypass, carotid artery surgery, thoracic outlet decompression and venous procedures.

We also specialize in diagnosing and managing non-healing wounds on the limbs, especially the hands and feet. Our comprehensive approach to wound care includes a range of treatment options, risk factor management and nutrition counseling, to help your wound heal and restore any lost function.

Vascular Surgeons and Specialists

RUSH has vascular surgeons and specialists in Chicago, Aurora/Fox Valley, Oak Park and Oak Brook.

Meet our vascular surgery providers
stethoscope Meet our vascular surgery providers

RUSH Excellence in Vascular Surgery

  • Care that doesn’t fall through the cracks: At RUSH, we are committed to ensuring that every patient is given the attention and resources they deserve. We have a care coordinator follow your care from your first day with us. The coordinator ensures your case is referred to the right specialists, that your entire care team is fully briefed on your case, and your treatment and follow-up appointments are handled correctly.
  • Faster, safer recoveries: Our providers are all trained in catheter-based treatment techniques to ensure we can provide you with safer, less invasive procedures that result in faster recoveries.
  • Hybrid operating room: Vascular surgeons at RUSH University Medical Center in Chicago perform in a state-of-the-art hybrid operating room that integrates minimally invasive procedures with open surgeries to streamline patient care and reduce your length of stay.
  • Operation innovation: RUSH Copley Medical Center's new Discovery GE Vascular Lab offers high-end fluoroscopy image guidance, advanced applications and 3D image fusion, all on a sophisticated device that travels on predefined paths with laser-guided precision.
  • Easy, quick access in 24 hours: You can schedule a next-day virtual visit to connect right away with one of our vascular surgery providers. We can also schedule you for an in-person visit within the week.
  • Full-team review of patients: RUSH hosts a multidisciplinary conference to review cases. So our patients have confidence knowing that our entire team of specialists have provided input on the surgical and care plans.
  • Expertise in reducing your stroke risk: If you’ve been diagnosed with a cerebrovascular condition such as an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) or carotid artery disease, you may be at increased risk of having a stroke. The team at RUSH’s comprehensive Stroke-Neurosurgery Clinic can create a personalized treatment plan designed to prevent future strokes. They’ll use their expertise in the full range of medications, surgery, minimally invasive procedures and risk reduction strategies to select the approach that works best for you.

Get a Second Opinion Virtually

A second opinion can confirm your diagnosis and point to new treatment options.

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Clinical Trials

We have a wide range of active clinical trials and studies in heart and vascular conditions.

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Learn more about the educational opportunities in vascular surgery at Rush.

Fellowship Information
Fellowship Information
Alexandre d'Audiffret, MD

Vascular surgeons dedicate their entire training to the management of vascular health and disease. Armed with both minimally invasive and surgical skills, they will perform the right intervention at the right time.

Alexandre d'Audiffret, MD, Vascular Surgeon

Vascular Surgery Locations

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Professional Building

RUSH Vascular and Endovascular Surgery - Chicago

1725 W Harrison St
Professional Building - Suite 1156
Chicago, IL 60612

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Oak Park

RUSH Vascular and Endovascular Surgery - Oak Park

610 S Maple Ave
Medical Office Building - Suite 5500
Oak Park, IL 60304

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Rush Oak Park Hospital

Oak Brook

Rush Oak Brook exterior

RUSH Oak Brook

2011 York Rd
Oak Brook, IL 60523

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