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Couples Therapy and Sex Therapy

Couples therapy — also known as couples counseling, relationship counseling or marriage counseling — is a kind of psychotherapy that focuses on improving the interactions between partners in a relationship.

Sex therapy is a kind of psychotherapy that helps a couple improve their sexual relationship. The focus might be on erectile dysfunction, lack of desire for sex, painful intercourse, inability to have an orgasm, inability to have intercourse or premature ejaculation.

People who seek couples therapy are typically interested in the following:

  • Improving their communication
  • Learning better conflict-resolution skills
  • Strengthening their partnerships
  • Solving sexual problems
  • Resolving major issues that need a third-party mediator

When is couples therapy helpful?

Couples therapy can help to resolve issues between the people in a relationship, and can also be helpful when one partner is dealing with a particular problem.

  • Relationship issues might include concerns about the following:
    • Communication
    • Problem-solving
    • Sexual intimacy
    • Asperger’s or autism in adolescent or adult children
    • Child-rearing
  • Issues faced by one partner that affect the relationship might include the following:
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Depression or other mental illness
    • Asperger’s or autism
    • Chronic health problems

Who can be helped by couples therapy?

Couples therapy is useful for people at any stage in a relationship:

  • Dating or engaged to be married
  • Married or committed life partners
  • Separated or divorcing
  • Divorced

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