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Allergy Shots

If you are allergic to pollen, mold or other hard-to-avoid substances, allergy shots can provide relief. The treatment, also called allergen immunotherapy, slowly and safely builds up your tolerance, lessening problems such as these:

  • Allergic rhinitis  (stuffed or runny nose, sneezing)
  • Allergic conjunctivitis (itchy, watery eyes)
  • Sensitivity to insect bites or stings, such as those of bees, wasps and fire ants

Who is a good candidate for allergy shots?

Allergy sufferers of all ages — from children to older adults — can benefit from allergy shots. Allergy shots can effectively lessen or prevent problems caused by many common allergens, including the following:

  • Weed and tree pollen
  • Grass
  • Mold
  • Animal dander
  • Dust mites

Allergy shots are not used to treat food allergies.

Getting allergy shots at Rush

When you get allergy shots, a clinician gives you injections containing small amounts of the substances that trigger your allergic reactions. Here’s how it works:

  1. For the first nine to 12 months, you get shots at least once per week.
  2. For the next three to five years, you get shots at less frequent intervals (typically once every four to six weeks).  
  3. The injections increase in size over time. With repeated exposure, your body gradually develops more antibodies, or proteins in your blood that protect you from allergens.
  4. Thanks to these antibodies, your symptoms lessen or even disappear.

Why choose Rush for allergy shots?

  • Many people with allergies also have asthma — and vice versa.  That’s why Rush has a Comprehensive Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center where doctors work with children and adults to deal with all of these related problems at the same time.