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Section of Critical Care Neurology

Neurocritical care physicians at Rush understand that during a neurologic emergency, patients are at their most vulnerable and need immediate attention from a team of experts.

At Rush, these physicians (also known as neurointensivists) treat on average more than 150 patients each month. This gives them the experience and expertise needed to handle any critical care situation involving the brain and central nervous system.

These fellowship-trained neurointensivists staff the neurosciences intensive care unit at Rush. They work in collaboration with neurosurgeons, stroke neurologists, nurse practitioners and specially trained nurses to provide the highest level of care.

Housed in Rush’s Tower, the unit has advanced technology, including continuous EEG monitoring, to help physicians diagnose and treat the full range of neurological emergencies. These emergencies include trauma, infections of the central nervous system and stroke (both ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke).