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Rush Sinus Program

Whether chronic or acute, sinus issues can have a tremendous effect on your quality of life. Whatever the cause of your sinus concerns, the Rush Sinus Program can help.

Experts in the Rush Sinus Program provide comprehensive medical and surgical treatment for patients who have problems of the nasal and paranasal sinuses, the area immediately surrounding your nasal cavity. These problems include everything from acute and chronic sinusitis for children and adults, to nasal polyps, to sinus cancer.

Coordinated, comprehensive care: Because sinus problems are often associated with other conditions, physicians in the program coordinate with specialists at Rush in allergy and immunology, pulmonology, gastroenterology and rheumatology to provide integrated care for adult and pediatric patients. This coordinated care includes evaluation, diagnosis and the creation of a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Innovative expertise: Ear, nose and throat physicians in the program have fellowship training in rhinology and skull base surgery. This additional specialized training gives them the expertise to handle the most severe sinus problems and perform complex sinus surgeries, including minimally invasive skull base surgery to remove tumors and revision sinus surgery.

Physicians in the program offer innovative techniques, including the following:

  • In-office placement of steroid-eluting sinus stents
  • Image-guided surgery
  • Eustachian tube balloon dilation for eustachian tube dysfunction

Second opinions: The Rush Sinus Program welcomes patients seeking a second opinion. We will be happy to provide you with a second opinion within one to three business days about whether you should have sinus surgery.

See our second opinion services for sinus surgery page to learn more. 

Research and trials: Clinicians in the program are active researchers. This means you will have access to the most up-to-date treatments available, including clinical trials of treatments that are not yet widely available.