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Neuroendocrine Tumor Services

Personalized care from neuroendocrine tumor experts

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At Rush, you'll find a multidisciplinary team of doctors who are experts in the care of neuroendocrine tumors.

Rush was the first hospital in Illinois to use the most precise diagnostic test for neuroendocrine tumors, the 68-Gallium DOTATATE PET CT. We were also the first hospital in the state to offer peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT), the most advanced treatment for neuroendocrine tumors.

These are just two of the many leading-edge options we offer to treat neuroendocrine tumors. You may be a candidate for genetic testing and analysis to help us better understand your tumor and find the best therapies. And, if you need surgery, our sugical oncologists are experts in treating neuroendocrine tumors surgically, using minimally invasive approaches whenever possible.

When you come to Rush, your expert care team will go over all of your options and work closely with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Your plan will be based not only on the latest research and advances in the field, but also on your individual needs — which will remain at the center of everything we do.

How to make an appointment

Rush offers neuroendocrine tumor care at locations throughout Chicago, Oak Park and Lisle.

To find a neuroendocrine tumor specialist near you, contact us online or call (312) CANCER-1.

Expert second opinions

Looking to confirm your neuroendocrine tumor diagnosis or fully explore all your treatment options? Rush neuroendocrine tumor specialists can help. Schedule a second opinion consultation by calling (312) CANCER-1.

Excellence in Neuroendocrine Tumor Care

Advanced diagnostic technology

The exact location of a neuroendocrine tumor is often hard to pinpoint. Octreotide scans, a traditional method of diagnosis, are only 30 to 70% accurate. But a newer test, 68-Gallium DOTATATE PET CT, can precisely identify tumor location with over 90% accuracy. Rush was the first hospital in Illinois to use it. Today, we're one of the few hospitals in the nation that offer it.

New treatment options

Rush was the first hospital in Illinois — and one of the first in the nation — to offer peptide receptor radionuclide therapy, commonly called PRRT. This advanced treatment uses targeted radiation to treat gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors, or GEP-NETs. It's the most effective therapy available for patients with GEP-NETs who aren’t candidates for surgery. For patients who are candidates for surgery, surgeons at Rush use the latest minimally invasive techniques, which can lead to faster recovery and less pain.

Coordinated, multidisciplinary care

As a patient in the neuroendocrine tumor program, you'll have access to every specialist you may need. This includes medical oncologists, surgeons, gastroenterologists, diagnostic and interventional radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists, pathologists, geneticists and endocrinologists. It also includes a dedicated team of nurses who will be readily available to answer your questions and coordinate your appointments.

Leaders in precision medicine

The neuroendocrine tumor team works closely with the Rush Precision Oncology Program to analyze your genetic and clinical data, which can help predict how your tumor may respond to targeted treatments. This process can pinpoint the treatments that are likely to be most effective against your specific tumor — including some therapies being tested in innovative clinical trials.

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