Visual Supports for Adults with Autism

A Place For Me

Elaine Reeves-Haywood
7548 S. Cregier
Chicago, IL 60649
(773) 931-9394

Home-based support assisting parents or caregivers to make visual learning aids for child or adolescent.

Fun and Function

Website for professionals and parents that provides sensory toys and therapy equipment for special needs children to help learn adaptive responses for what they may lack or crave.

Little Friends Center for Autism, Inc.

140 N. Wright St.
Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 305-4196
DuPage County

Staff create personalized visual training systems to assist parents and teachers in teaching particular skills.

  • Ashley Can Tie Her Shoes: A visual system to help individuals learn to tie their shoes. Cost: $34.50.
  • Bathing Board: A visual system for teaching the skills needed to shower independently. Cost: $23.31.
  • Blood Draw Sequence Book: A visual system to help prepare and/or guide individuals through getting their blood drawn. Cost: $23.31.
  • Brush Teeth: A visual system to teach individuals how to brush their teeth independently. Cost: $20.51.
  • Combination First, Next, Then & Transition Board: Designed to help individuals with disabilities transition from one activity to the next. Cost: $14.92.
  • Fingernail Clipping: A visual guide to the steps involved in getting one's fingernails clipped. Cost: $24.24.
  • Grocery Store Shopping Book: A visual teaching tool for grocery shopping. Cost: $13.99.
  • Grooming: This comprehensive visual system features six programs for teaching basic grooming skills. Cost: $60.61.
  • Hand Washing Ring: A visual system to teach good hand washing skills. Cost: $13.99.
  • Hand Washing Strip: A visual system for teaching individuals how to wash their hands. Cost: $10.26.
  • Handicap Tag and Behavior Intervention System: For use in the community by parents of children with autism or other disabilities. Cost: $10.26.
  • Menstrual Care: A visual system to teach menstrual care to women with autism or other disabilities. Cost: $29.84.
  • Number Tab Board: A tool to help individuals with disabilities understand how much or how long an activity will last. Cost: $13.99.
  • Relaxation Routines Book: A visual system for teaching relaxation routines. Cost: $18.65.
  • Salon Hair Cut Program: A visual guide to the steps involved in getting a haircut. Cost: $23.31.
  • Salon Shampoo Program: A visual guide to the steps involved in getting a shampoo. Cost: $23.31.
  • Shaving: A visual guide to the steps involved in shaving. Cost: $23.31.
  • Survival Kit: A visual system offering the tools for basic communication in the community. Cost: $16.73.
  • Toilet Training Kit: A visual training system for teaching toileting skills. Cost: $34.50.
  • Visual Social Manager Wheel: A tool to help teach and define social cues. Cost: $13.05.
  • When I Sneeze: A visual guide to teach individuals how to use a tissue when they sneeze. Cost: $6.53.
  • Wiping Board: A visual system designed to teach the learner how to independently wipe after toileting. Cost: $12.12.

Ages: birth and up.
Insurance not accepted.

Resource Center for Autism and Developmental Delays (RCADD)

Garfield Community Service Center
10 South Kedzie, Room 202
Chicago, IL 60612
P 312-746-5447
F 312-743-0391


King Community Service Center
4314 South Cottage Grove, Room 103
Chicago, IL 60653
P 312-747-8571
F 312-747-8991

The Resource Center shares resources, referral information and trainings for families and educators of children with developmental disabilities.