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Addiction Medicine Program — Conditions We Treat

The following conditions are some of the most common conditions treated by specialists in this area. These specialists offer expert care for many other related medical problems. If you need care for a condition not listed here, please call (888) 352-RUSH (7874) to find a doctor who can help you.

  • Addiction

    Addiction occurs when a person is unable to stop a particular behavior despite its negative effects on his or her health and personal life. Addiction can be physical (such as ingesting a substance like drugs or alcohol) or behavioral (such as repeatedly performing an action like gambling or sex).
  • Alcoholism is an addiction to alcohol. Alcohol dependence is a disease that develops when a person’s alcohol consumption causes physical or mental health problems, or interferes with responsibilities to friends, family and employers.
  • Substance Abuse

    Substance abuse is the overuse of alcohol, drugs or other harmful substances. It can lead to or result from addiction.