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Mother Baby Unit

Part of the Rush Family Birth Center, the mother baby unit is where new mothers, healthy babies and their families stay after a baby is born at Rush. It’s also where expectant mothers requiring special attention are cared for while awaiting the birth of their babies.

The mother baby unit offers the following:

  • A private family space for bonding after delivery. This is where mothers can continue skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding, and receive support from staff. All care for the baby — including initial baths and exams by the pediatricians — is done in the mother-baby suite. This gives families the opportunity to ask questions to learn about the care of their newborn so they truly feel prepared when they go home.
  • Comfortable, spacious rooms for family. All suites are single and have private bathrooms for mothers as well as families. Couches and chairs transform into sleeping spaces for family and visitors.