Virtual Care

Virtual Care

Feeling Sick? Consider Virtual Care

Why a telehealth visit might be the best option for you
Virtual Care

Quiz: Virtual Care or the ER?

Take our quiz on when to go to the ER and when you can turn to virtual care.

A woman looks at her phone in a coffee shop.
Virtual Care

Virtual Care or the ER?

View our infographic showing when to use virtual care and when to go to the ER for various medical issues.

Infographic on when to use virtual care and when to go to the ED
Virtual Care

5 Facts About Shingles

Shingles can make you miserable, but early treatment may help
An image of shingles on a person's back
Virtual Care

First-Time Telehealth Tips

Expert advice to help you make the most of your telehealth visit
Telehealth provider

3 Health Issues Doctors Are Seeing More of Due to COVID-19

Beyond the disease itself, pandemic-era living has contributed to other health problems
A person rubs their neck while looking at a computer.
Virtual Care

RUSH On Demand Video Visits

See what it's like to have a video visit with a RUSH care provider
Caitlin Murphy, PA-C
Virtual Care

Virtual Care Is Here to Stay

5 things to know about the newly passed Illinois telehealth law
Women’s Health

Choosing the Right Birth Control Method for You

Birth control is a personal decision, and there are multiple options available to fit your lifestyle, budget and readiness or desire to have children.
A person with a thought bubble depicting various birth control methods
Brain Health & Conditions

Telemedicine Option Can Manage Deep Brain Stimulation

New technology allows remote management of Parkinson’s, tremor therapy
App showing telemedicine interaction