Pregnancy & Childbirth

Bringing Happiness to Patients

Rush Copley staff member celebrated his birthday by giving to others

Dan Hart
Patient Stories

Elise's Story

Giving birth with the help of a midwife was ‘empowering’

The Botta Family
Patient Stories

Rachel’s Story

A teacher and mom-to-be stays connected with her second-grade class — even from the labor and delivery unit

Rachel holding newborn son Graison
Pregnancy & Childbirth

5 Conditions That Can Affect a Pregnancy

How managing underlying health conditions can help you have a successful high-risk pregnancy

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Pregnant Women and the COVID-19 Vaccine

Rush specialists explain why the vaccine is safe for expectant mothers

Woman getting COVID-19 vaccine
Women’s Health

Choosing the Right Birth Control Method for You

Birth control is a personal decision, and there are multiple options available to fit your lifestyle, budget and readiness or desire to have children.

A person with a thought bubble depicting various birth control methods
Patient Stories

Ellie's Story

Mom urges support for March for Babies to help premature infants like Ellie thrive

Ellie Rossi and parents
Women’s Health

Understanding Birth Control

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for preventing unwanted pregnancy

Illustration of birth control methods
Pregnancy & Childbirth

Focusing on Black Maternal Health

Achieving Black maternal health requires health care to value Black moms

Black Mamas Matter
Pregnancy & Childbirth

Having a Baby During COVID-19

Rush provides a safe environment for moms and families throughout their pregnancies