Summit Aims to Build Interprofessionalism Within the Health Care Environment

Day-long summit wants to improve communication across diverse health care professions

There is no doubt that health care can be considered a team sport. Health care providers generally spend the majority of their time training within their specialty and nowhere else. While this is how traditional health education has worked in the past, it can lead to a lack of communication throughout the entire system. An upcoming, day-long summit featuring 19 universities and colleges aims to change that.

On March 6, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., representatives from dozens of health profession institutions will gather at Rush University Medical Center, 1725 W. Harrison St., to address the issue of how to improve communication across diverse health care professions.

Titled "Aligning Interprofessional Education with Practice, Development & Infrastructure," this conference will focus specifically on how education across the region can collaborate to improve health care safety and quality.

The summit is being held by Interprofessional Consortium of Greater Chicago. It was created for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, administrators, and other health care professionals and students committed to interprofessional practice and education.

The event will tackle numerous issues that can be solved through iInterprofessional education. Attendees will discuss new models of teaching and practicing interprofessionally as well as broaden the adoption of this practice within existing providers and institutions.

“It is well known that the best health care outcomes happen when all members of the patient care circle are in-sync,” said Mary Grantner, director of interprofessional continuing education. “The interprofessional education movement in health care began as an effort to ensure that is the standard by reimagining the way we educate and train our healthcare workforce.”

Since obstacles to truly integrated education for health care professions continue to persist, the Interprofessional Consortium of Greater Chicago formed in 2018 as a grassroots collective. The consortium's mission is to provide opportunities for students and faculty members across diverse institutions and professions to share ideas, partner, respond to industry training need and support the advancement of interprofessional education.

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