A Second Transplant, A Second Chance at Life

Diagnosed with a rare cancer, Diana Termine offers thanks for her care at RUSH
Patient with Celalettin Ustun, MD

A cancer diagnosis can be scary — especially for anyone facing the return of a previously treated disease. Diana Termine was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2000. To treat her myelodysplastic syndrome, Diana had a bone marrow transplant at RUSH in 2002. She was cancer-free until 2019, when it returned. 

Although Diana had other options for her second round of treatment, she came back to RUSH because she trusted her oncology and transplant teams, including hematologist Celalettin Ustun, MD.

“What I like about him is that he’s direct, just like me,” Diana said. “When I ask a question, I want a clear answer — this is my life we’re talking about. Dr. Ustun kept me alive.”

Diana began another round of chemotherapy, but ultimately needed a second bone marrow transplant in 2021. Before her second transplant, when Diana knew exactly how difficult the procedure and recovery would be, Dr. Ustun was a source of calm, caring support. 

“Before and after the transplant, Dr. Ustun emailed me to check on how I was doing,” Diana said. “He’s just so caring — he’s one in a million. Because of his drive, dedication and compassion for his patients, I am still here.”  

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