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Empowering Patients to Make Positive Lifestyle Changes

Meet Elizabeth Simkus, a nurse practitioner in the Rush Prevention Center

Elizabeth Simkus
Children’s Health

Combating Kids' Weight Issues

A pediatrician offers advice to start healthy habits early

Kids weight
Heart Health

Get Your Heart Back in Shape

How to make a healthy heart your new normal as the COVID-19 pandemic continues

Woman walking in snow

Address Obesity to Prevent Severe COVID Symptoms

Lifestyle changes can help you reduce the potential impact of COVID-19

weight loss covid
Healthy Living

Get Back on Track with Good Health Habits

Rush News Article
Exercise & Fitness

Overweight but Healthy?

Why good health goes beyond weight

overweight but healthy
Patient Stories

Jennifer's Story

How bariatric surgery changed my life

Jennifer's Story
Exercise & Fitness

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Tips to help you overcome some common barriers to weight maintenance

Food & Nutrition

Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Is a plant-based diet really that healthy? A cardiologist — and vegan — weighs in

Vegan bowl
Food & Nutrition

5 Ways to Deal With Food Cravings

An expert shares strategies to help you cope with cravings