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Patient Stories

Sarah Chavka Flynn's Story

Epilepsy doesn’t have to stand in the way of a healthy pregnancy
Sarah Chavka Flynn and Adriana Bermeo-Ovalle
Patient Stories

Michael Passarelli's Story

Living seizure-free after working with Rush's Epilepsy Care Team
Michael Passarelli
Brain Health & Conditions

Controlling Epileptic Seizures

Learn about new treatments that can help people with drug-resistant epilepsy
Children’s Health

Adelaide's Story

Adelaide was born with a severe form of epilepsy
Food & Nutrition

The Skinny on 7 Diet Trends

Which plans work best for weight loss and overall health
Brain Health & Conditions

Focus on Epilepsy in Older Adults

Rush launched first comprehensive epilepsy clinic in Chicago dedicated to treating older adults
Brain Health & Conditions

5 Signs of Epilepsy in Older Adults

Be on the lookout for these often subtle seizure symptoms
Epilepsy definition