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Avoiding the ‘Tripledemic’ in 2023

What you can do to dodge seasonal germs that can make you sick
Air traveler wearing mask
Public Health

What You Should Know About the Flu Season Ahead

A RUSH infectious disease specialist explains how fickle flu seasons can be and offers advice on who should get high-dose flu shots this season
Flu season ahead

Is ‘Flurona’ Really a Risk?

Combined cases of influenza and COVID-19 appear to be uncommon around Chicago

Healthy Living

How to Wash Your Hands

Proper handwashing remains one of the best ways to avoid getting sick
Healthy Living

Cold or Flu?

You're feeling lousy, but do you simply have a cold?
Rush News Article

Common COVID-19 Myths Debunked

How to spot a falsehood and where you can fact check
COVID-19 Myths

Why Getting the Flu Vaccine Is Essential During the Pandemic

How getting vaccinated will protect you from a 'twindemic'
Flu Vaccine
Children’s Health

When to Take Your Child to the Doctor

How to handle a fever or cold
Rush News Article
Healthy Living

‘Tis the Season — for the Flu

Learn why we're more vulnerable to the flu during the winter months — and how you can protect yourself
A woman feeling sick while decorating for the holidays
Ear, Nose & Throat

Beyond Vitamin C

Learn some alternatives for staying healthy during cold and flu season