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Is ‘Flurona’ Really a Risk?

Combined cases of influenza and COVID-19 appear to be uncommon around Chicago


How Bad Will This Flu Season Be?

Flu seasons are tough to forecast, but a Rush expert says there's cause for optimism
Flu season sign
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How to Wash Your Hands

Proper hand-washing is one of the best preventive measures to keep you from getting sick — whether it's the common cold or COVID-19
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Cold or Flu?

You're feeling lousy, but do you simply have a cold?
Rush News Article

Common COVID-19 Myths Debunked

How to spot a falsehood and where you can fact check
COVID-19 Myths

Why Getting the Flu Vaccine Is Essential During the Pandemic

How getting vaccinated will protect you from a 'twindemic'
Flu Vaccine
Children’s Health

When to Take Your Child to the Doctor

How to handle a fever or cold
Rush News Article
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‘Tis the Season — for the Flu

Learn why we're more vulnerable to the flu during the winter months — and how you can protect yourself
Ear, Nose & Throat

Beyond Vitamin C

Learn some alternatives for staying healthy during cold and flu season
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Avoid the Flu

Take steps to protect yourself and your family against both seasonal flu and H1NI (also known as swine flu)
Avoiding the flu