Rush Use of Robotic Technology Earns National Spotlight

Scripps News report showcases robotic system for neurovascular care
R. Webster Crowley using robotic technology

As the first health care organization in Chicago to put a new robotic technology system into use, Rush University Medical Center’s neurosurgery program is back in the national spotlight.

Scripps News, a 61-station network of news affiliates across 41 media markets, visited Rush University Medical Center to provide viewers with an up-close demonstration of how the CorPath GRX Robotic System can potentially reduce the variability of neurovascular procedures by providing surgeons greater precision in threading the catheter through the arm or leg arteries.

Relying on automated movements, the system replicates those of highly trained surgeons, with a goal of making these procedures safer for patients.

Rush began using the new technology in September. As the Scripps News story notes, the robotic system is “still not approved for major surgeries and procedures like treating strokes or aneurysms yet, but diagnostic work like angiograms could be a preamble to more approvals to come.”

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