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Brain Health & Conditions

Can Being Scammed Have Long-Term Effects on Your Health?

If you’re an older man, being a fraud victim could raise your blood pressure over time, RUSH researchers find
Man using computer
Brain Health & Conditions

ICU Stay May Double Risk of Dementia

RUSH researchers find new evidence of link between ICU stays, dementia development
Intensive Care Unit
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Should You Get a Second Opinion for MS?

A RUSH multiple sclerosis specialist explains why MS can be misdiagnosed
Second opinion
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Treadmill Exercise Shown to Improve Parkinson’s Symptoms in Mice

Researchers at RUSH hope new findings will mitigate and improve Parkinson’s symptoms and prevent new ones
Alzheimer’s Disease

Strawberries May Help Fend Off Alzheimer's

Compound in strawberries associated with fewer tau tangles in brain, according to RUSH researchers
Strawberries in white blow
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Study: Boxing May Ease Parkinson's Symptoms

Results highlight importance of exercise in treating the disease
Woman boxing
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Life After Locked-In

Indiana woman moving, talking again after suffering rare, stroke-related paralysis
Locked-In Syndrome
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Healthy Habits May Improve Longevity, Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Ongoing research at RUSH offers more insights on Alzheimer's prevention
Brain Health & Conditions

Five Facts About Bell’s Palsy

This poorly understood type of facial paralysis is treatable and often transient
Bell's Palsy
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Statins a Potential New Avenue for Movement Disorders Research

Study finds people taking statins may have reduced risk of developing parkinsonism signs