Brain Health & Conditions

Brain Health & Conditions

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

After a car accident led to the discovery of a brain tumor, Steve Stark underwent surgery at RUSH — with excellent results.
Steve Stark (left) smiles with his daughter and wife.
Brain Health & Conditions

A Partner to Care Partners

Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE, FAAN, receives federal grant to advance research launched by philanthropy to improve life for patients and their care partners
Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE, FAAN
Brain Health & Conditions

Eating More Whole Grains Is Associated With Less Memory Decline in African Americans

Researchers found that African Americans received more benefits from whole grain consumption
Whole wheat foods
Brain Health & Conditions

RUSH Copley Continues To Earn Recognition for High-Quality Stroke Care 

American Heart Association award signifies access to best practices and lifesaving care 
RUSH Copley recognized for stroke care
Brain Health & Conditions

MS Is Different, and Often Worse, For Latinos

Latinos tend to have more severe symptoms and worse outcomes from multiple sclerosis than Caucasians
A senior Latino man looks out a window with a contemplative expression.
Brain Health & Conditions

Getting LOUD To Preserve Their Voices

Talking, telling jokes helps people with Parkinson’s keep their voices strong
Participants in the LOUD Crowd program exercise their voices.
Brain Health & Conditions

Clinical and Translational Parkinson’s Disease Research at RUSH with Deborah Hall, MD

Deborah Hall, MD, is a neurologist and movement disorder specialist and the Division Chief of the Section of Movement Disorders at RUSH University Medical Center. She also co-leads the novel RUSH PD GI Clinic, a novel multidisciplinary clinic focused on the gastrointestinal health of patients with PD and other movement disorders.
Deborah Hall, MD
Brain Health & Conditions

MIND Diet Study Shows 'Short-Term' Impact on Cognition

Diet developed at RUSH believed to help maintain brain health
healthy foods
Alzheimer’s Disease

Bodybuilding Supplement May Help Stave off Alzheimer’s

HMB holds promise for halting disease progression, improving memory
HMB powder
Brain Health & Conditions

Using Prebiotics to Help Treat Parkinson’s Disease

Addressing constipation could help ease symptoms in some Parkinson’s patients.
Prebiotic health food bars