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Healthy Habits May Improve Longevity, Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Ongoing research at RUSH offers more insights on Alzheimer's prevention

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Five Facts About Bell’s Palsy

This poorly understood type of facial paralysis is treatable and often transient

Bell's Palsy
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Statins a Potential New Avenue for Movement Disorders Research

Study finds people taking statins may have reduced risk of developing parkinsonism signs

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Understanding Bruce Willis' Aphasia Diagnosis

A RUSH speech therapist clears up some misconceptions about aphasia

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Older Adults on Statins May Have Lower Risk of Parkinsonism

Study by RUSH researchers could be 'good news' for people with movement disorder

Statin Study
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Annoying Muscle Twitch? When to Seek Help

Why muscle twitches — or fasciculations — are rarely a cause for concern

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Managing Multiple Sclerosis

Latest treatment options make it possible to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle with MS

Managing MS
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Why the ACT for ALS Matters

New law will increase funding for ALS research and access to promising treatments

ALS and stethoscope

Could COVID-19 Raise Risk for Dementia?

Rush researchers seeking answer in NIH-funded study

COVID Alzheimer's research
Spine & Back

O'Toole Named Co-Director of Rush Neurosciences

John O’Toole, MD, MS, will serve as surgical director for the service line

John O'Toole, MD, MS