RUSH Copley Opens 20-Bed Observation Unit

New unit enhances patient care
New observation unit opens at RUSH Copley

A new Clinical Decision Unit has opened at RUSH Copley Medical Center to provide specialized care for patients needing observation. The 15,000-square-foot unit is a $21 million investment that adds 20 beds to the hospital.

In the Clinical Decision Unit, a team cares for patients while observing them to determine whether they need to be admitted or if they can safely be discharged. The unit acts as a bridge between the emergency department and inpatient admission, moving patients who need additional observation out of the emergency department. 

This frees up beds in the emergency department and leaves inpatient beds available for more critical patients while observation-status patients receive the care they need and benefit from timely observation, treatment and discharge. 

Located above the emergency and imaging departments, the unit features a dedicated elevator to efficiently move patients up from the emergency department. 

“The new Clinical Decision Unit is an investment in improving the quality of care at RUSH Copley,” President and CEO John Diederich says. “It will contribute to a better patient experience and streamline processes for providers and staff.”

The previous temporary observation unit, which opened in October 2022, has demonstrated positive outcomes, resulting in shorter hospital stays for patients. 

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