Respiratory Therapists Keeping Many COVID Patients on Ventilators Alive

Brady Scott, PhD, MSc, shared his insight on the role of respiratory therapists in the era of COVID-19
COVID-19 Ventilator

“Patients on ventilators needs a lot of support...We have to constantly make sure they are breathing safely on the device. We try to mitigate as much as possible, with [personal protective equipment] and avoiding the room when possible, but being in the room to work the breathing equipment is a big part of our job.”

Respiratory therapist Brady Scott, MSc, RRT-ACCS, AE-C, FAARC, FCCP is an associate professor at Rush University's College of Health Sciences. Scott shared his insight in this Washington Post feature on the essential role of respiratory therapists in battling coronavirus—even though, as author Chethan Sathya writes, "most people outside hospital settings don’t even know the job exists."

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