Misconceptions About Cosmetic Procedures

Keith Hood, MD, clears up myths about cosmetic procedures and discusses how they can transform a person’s well-being.
Woman admiring herself

Physical attractiveness has a significant effect on a person’s self-esteem and well-being, and statistics indicate that many individuals are turning to cosmetic procedures for that extra confidence. While cosmetic surgery has grown in popularity in recent years, misconceptions remain.

Cosmetic surgery is only for women.

While it’s true that women comprise the largest number of cosmetic surgery patients, the number of male plastic surgery patients has dramatically increased over recent years. Surgical procedures for men include breast reduction, eyelid surgery, liposuction and facelift as well as numerous others. Nonsurgical rejuvenation, such as Botox and facial fillers, is also becoming very popular for male patients.

Cosmetic surgery is only for the wealthy.

While many successful or famous individuals have undergone cosmetic surgery, it is now more affordable than ever. There has been an increase of more than 72% in plastic surgical procedures performed since 1997. Nonsurgical cosmetic procedures – like Botox injections, laser hair removal and skin-resurfacing techniques – have seen an even greater increase: 355% over the same time period.

All cosmetic surgeons are board-certified surgeons.

This is a dangerous myth. Some who advertise are not surgeons at all. Research your surgeon – check online to verify if your surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to assure that the surgeon has competed appropriate training and passed comprehensive written and oral examinations covering all plastic surgery procedures. Be selective when choosing your provider. For your safety, please do not go out of the country for cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery will totally change your appearance.

The purpose of aesthetic surgery is to enhance who you are and make you feel more confident. The purpose is NOT to make you into something else.

Cosmetic procedures – both surgical and nonsurgical – can positively transform a patient’s emotional and physical well-being. Whether augmenting or reducing breast size, removing excess skin in “problem areas,” treating excess eyelid skin or fat to give the eyes a more youthful shape, injecting Botox to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or performing any other cosmetic procedure, our goal is to offer treatments and procedures that help patients feel confident and satisfied for life.



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