Helping You Get Care Easily

Rush On Demand is a new digital experience that can help you find the care you need

The new website is now live and with it a new web experience called Rush On Demand.

When it comes to finding care for everyday health conditions like cold, flu and minor injuries, choosing the most convenient and appropriate way to get care isn’t always easy. Should you get in-person or virtual care? What’s the fastest way to see a provider? What’s the most affordable? What types of visits are even available for your condition?

The Rush On Demand experience helps put you on the right path to care by using a “what’s wrong” approach. Based on the condition or symptoms that you tell us about, Rush On Demand provides a custom recommendation for care and gives you the essential information — including price, wait time, availability and more — you need to choose the service that’s right for you.

Rush On Demand can help you learn about and decide between five care options available at Rush.

  • E-Visits: Fill out an online questionnaire, and a provider will respond to you via message with a treatment plan.
  • On-demand video visits: Connect with a provider over video chat within 20 minutes, without an appointment.
  • Scheduled video visits: Have an appointment over video chat with a specific provider, such as your primary care provider.
  • Clinic visits: Come into our clinic in-person and meet with a specific provider, such as your primary care provider. You can schedule your appointments online.
  • Walk-in care: Come to one of our walk-in clinics for a wide range of services, without an appointment.

These services focus on providing you care for common conditions that you might otherwise take to a retail clinic or your primary care provider. We’ll add new services as they become available. We’ll be adding Rush On Demand to the My Rush app later this year.

Give Rush On Demand a try today to find the best care for you. Just select Get Care Today from the new homepage.

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