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About Rush Copley Lactation Center

  • Successful breastfeeding techniques: Following delivery, our nurses or lactation consultants can come to your room for privacy and comfort to suggest breastfeeding techniques. We also provide special support to our moms of multiples and babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).
  • Pumping supplies available: We offer all new moms free manual breast pumps if needed. Our center also rents or sells breast pumps, pump parts and milk storage bags for your convenience.
  • Spanish-speaking support: Spanish-speaking lactation consultants help ensure our breastfeeding assistance is accessible to patients who speak Spanish.
  • Help after your hospital stay: Success with breastfeeding is our top priority as you transition home. We offer breastfeeding assistance through free phone consultations. You can also come to our center for additional support and free baby weight checks.