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Elizabeth Yepez, MD, is an OB-GYN specialist at Rush University System for Health.

Provider Resources

Ensuring Top-Quality Care for Your Patients — and Up-to-Date Information for You

How Can Rush Help?

As a provider, your primary goal is to ensure that your patients receive the best care possible.

Rush University System for Health is here to help you achieve that goal through clinical partnership, by sharing information and insights about the latest research and clinical trials, and through continuing education and professional opportunities.

What Does Excellence Mean for Providers?

Trailblazing Medicine

At Rush, excellence is our starting point. We strive to constantly advance the care we provide to patients — through research, a multidisciplinary approach to care and continuous exploration of advanced treatments.

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In the OR for thoracic surgery at Rush University Medical Center.

Top-Quality Patient Care

Throughout the Rush System, we hold ourselves to — and consistently exceed — high standards in quality and patient satisfaction.

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Top quality patient care is the standard at all Rush University System for Health hospitals.

Magnet Nursing

All three Rush System hospitals have received Magnet status, the highest designation given for nursing excellence. Less than 10% of U.S. hospitals have Magnet status — and fewer than 20 have received the designation five times, as has Rush University Medical Center.

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Nurse at Rush Copley Medical Center

Center for Clinical Wellness

The Center for Clinical Wellness offers Rush providers an environment and resources that support their well-being.

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