Family Connects Chicago at RUSH

If you give birth at RUSH University Medical Center and live in Chicago, your family gets additional support and care with our Family Connects services.

If you give birth at RUSH University Medical Center and live in Chicago, your family gets additional support and care with our Family Connects services.

Having a baby is a beautiful, joyful time, but it can be challenging.

When you’re juggling the demands of a new baby, lack of sleep and a healing body, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. There are also the challenges of finding child care, getting back to work and balancing the needs of other family members.

This is when Family Connects Chicago at RUSH can help. Family Connects is a service that extends care for you, your baby and your family after you leave the hospital.

Special Care After Giving Birth

Family Connects involves an in-home or online visit with a registered nurse. We connect you to care and services in your own community that can help you thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

The free service is available to all families who deliver babies at RUSH University Medical Center and live in Chicago.

Our Family Connects services are a partnership with the Chicago Department of Public Health and led by the RUSH College of Nursing.

How Family Connects Works

To make life easier, a Family Connects nurse will reach out to schedule a visit with you soon after you leave the hospital. The visit takes place about three to five weeks after you give birth.

Your Family Connects nurse meets you at home or on a virtual visit. The appointment can last up to two hours. (We follow all Chicago Department of Public Health COVID-19 guidelines and schedule appointments accordingly.)

During our time together, we get to know you and your family. We’ll ask questions and listen to your concerns. Once we understand your needs, we’ll guide you to a range of services, at no additional cost.

We can help with:

  • Parent and baby health checks
  • Breastfeeding education and support
  • Infant feeding and fussiness support
  • Safe sleep information
  • Bathing, diapering and swaddling help
  • Child care options
  • Postpartum depression services
  • Family planning advice
  • Making doctor's appointments

If needed, we have Spanish-speaking nurses and interpreter services for nearly every language.

Focused on Your Health and Well-Being

Family Connects centers on whole-person, whole-family wellness. Our team has expertise in community health for parents and babies. We build strong relationships that support and nurture healthy families.

Families tell us they’re thankful for our services and passion for helping them succeed. Whether it’s learning how to care for a new baby, connecting to medical services or solving an issue with an older child, we offer the right care at the right time.

Information for Health Care Providers

RUSH was one of four health systems selected to pilot test Family Connects in Chicago. Since then, we’ve created a successful model of care that health systems across the city are implementing into their services.

If you are interested in starting a Family Connects program at your health system, email the RUSH Family Connects program director, Jennifer Rousseau or email You can also call as us at (312) 942-3423.