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Precision Oncology Program

Care for advanced cancers is evolving. One of the key driving forces is cancer genomics, the study of cancer genes and therapeutic implications. We now know that that the results of cancer treatment often depend on your — and your cancer genes — genomic makeup.

Rush’s highly experienced Precision Oncology Program team uses genomic testing to help find treatments for advanced cancers — based on your cancer genetic makeup — that may prolong survival or improve your quality of life. Precision oncology can uncover new treatment options, even for cancers that had previously been considered untreatable.

As one of the few programs of its kind across the country, Rush’s precision oncology program is led by doctors who have shaped the field of precision oncology. They work with you and each other to develop a personalized treatment plan based on your unique genomic makeup. This plan may include therapies that have been FDA-approved for other purposes or clinical trials.

How the Precision Oncology Program works

Our precision oncology team won’t replace your primary oncologist; we’ll work closely alongside them. Here’s how our program works:
  1. Referral from your doctor. Your doctor can refer you to our program if you’re an adult with an advanced stage solid tumor. If you’re not sure whether you qualify, talk with your doctor.

  2. Your appointment. Your appointment will include an exam, a blood draw and, if needed, a biopsy to take a small sample of the tumor for genomic evaluation. You’ll also meet our team members and have plenty of time to ask them questions.

  3. Genomic testing. We’ll conduct comprehensive tests and analyses of your cancer to look for genomic features that might make certain treatments more or less effective. 

  4. Expert review. Our precision oncology team — which includes medical oncologists, pathologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, pharmacists, computational biologists and other specialists — will meet to discuss your unique genomic profile and treatment needs.

  5. Personalized recommendations. We’ll develop personalized treatment recommendations that we’ll share with you and your primary oncologists. Your treatment plan may include therapies that have been FDA-approved for other purposes, or clinical trials available at Rush or elsewhere. 

  6. Your decision. You can discuss our recommendations with your primary oncologist and decide whether you want to move forward. If you do move forward, we will work with you and your doctor to coordinate your care and start treatment.

Excellence in Precision Oncology

Unique expertise

Our team includes medical oncologists with advanced training in cancer genomics and biomedical informatics (the study and use of biomedical data). 

National leaders in the field

Members of our team helped establish the field of precision oncology. 

Top-ranked for quality

Vizient’s 2019 Quality and Accountability Study ranked Rush University Medical Center No. 1 in the nation for quality among the nation’s most prestigious academic medical centers.

"This is a watershed moment in cancer where we are understanding and treating cancer as we never have before. With precision oncology, we are understanding cancer at a molecular level and personalizing care by targeting specific markers based on a tumor’s genetic make-up.” 

Ashiq Masood, MD

Co-Director, Rush Precision Oncology Program

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