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Interventional Endoscopy Program

Doctors in the interventional endoscopy program at Rush offer a range of advanced treatments that can be alternatives to surgery for people with Barrett’s esophagus, gastrointestinal cancers, pancreas and liver disorders, large colon polyps and other conditions.

For example, if you have an early-stage cancer, they can often remove it without making any incisions.

They perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using a thin tube inserted through your mouth or elsewhere. This approach can lead to less pain and a faster recovery, compared to surgical options.

Fast, convenient access

If you have a suspected cancer diagnosis — or another gastrointestinal condition that might require urgent care — you can typically schedule an office visit or in-office procedure within one to two business days, if necessary.

For any other kind of office visit or in-office procedure, you can typically schedule an office visit within three to five business days.

A team approach

Gastroenterologists in the interventional endoscopy program work closely with other specialists at Rush.

They’re active members of The Coleman Foundation Comprehensive Clinic for Gastrointestinal Cancers.  And they work with the teams at the Center for Weight Loss and Lifestyle Medicine, the neuroendocrine tumor program and the liver transplant program.

This allows them to help coordinate your care if you need to see other specialists before or after your procedure.