Safety Resources for Autism Caregivers

Safety Resources for Autism Caregivers

Advocate Children’s Hospital Safety Tools

Information about safety topics: Bicycle Safety, Child Passenger Safety, Pedestrian Safety, Seasonal Safety, Sports Safety, Pet Safety, Home Safety, Poison Prevention, and Toy Safety.  Also provides car seat safety strategies, and assistance for obtaining specialized car seat devices, and bike helmet fittings and sales.

Autism Speaks: Safety and wandering prevention checklist

Help keep your loved with autism safe by considering these action iterms for safety in the home and out in the community.

Autism Speaks: Autism Safety Toolkit

Provides tools and checklists for consideration of safety at home, in the community, and tips for teaching safety sklls. 

Autism Speaks Safety Products

Resources including personal identification devices (e.g., bracelets, temporary tattoos, etc.), tracking devices, seat buckle guards, safety social stories, online safety tips, safety videos, etc.

AWAARE (AWAARE (Autism Wandering Awareness Alert Response and Education) Collaboration

NAA has created three digital safety toolkits:

Caregiver Toolkit | First Responder Toolkit Teacher Toolkit

Includes Autism Wandering Safety Brochures and resources on where to purchase safety items (i.e., alarms, id bracelets/tags, etc.)

Car seat safety

Safety vest that is used in combination with the seatbelt. 

CDC: Safety and Children with Disabilities

Provides information specifically for families who have children with special needs, including: child safety: bullying, aggression and violence, abuse and neglect, disaster and truame, self-injury, and wandering.

Family Wandering Emergency Plan

Make sure your family has a plan in case of a wandering emergency. Includes section with critical information, emergency steps, locations to search, emergency contacts and more.


Keeping kids safe, room by room.

National Autism Association: Big Red Safety Toolkit

Toolkit providing the following tools and resources:

  • Caregiver Checklist
  • Family Wandering Emergency Plan (FWEP)
  • First-responder profile form. Please fill out and provide a copy to your local law enforcement agencies.
  • Swimming Lessons Tool
  • Root-cause Scenario & Strategies Tool
  • Stop Sign Prompts
  • Social Stories
  • Caregiver Log
  • Sample IEP Letter. (Never allow restraint/seclusion practices into any IEP as this increases associated risks.)
  • How To Get Tracking Technology In Your Town
  • General Awareness Letter: share with schools, homeowner’s association, law enforcement agencies, physicians, etc.
  • Five Affordable Safety Tools
  • Caregiver Resources One-sheeter

Neighbor Alert Letter

Provide this letter to trusted neighbors to inform them of your child's tendency to wander.

Safe Kids Worldwide

Website provides safety and injury prevention tips and videos categorized by "areas we work in" (e.g., at home, on the road, during sports and play) and by age, including topics such as water safety, bike safety, and many others. 

Videos for families and children with special needs


Provided by the City of Chicago, Smart911 is a free service that allows citizens to provide information to 911 and first responders before an emergency happens so that they can better help your child with special needs. 

Teaching Safety FAQ

Tips and strategies to help teach your child safety skills.