Safety Resources for Autism Caregivers

Advocate Children’s Hospital Safety Tools

Information about safety topics: Bicycle Safety, Child Passenger Safety, Pedestrian Safety, Seasonal Safety, Sports Safety, Pet Safety, Home Safety, Poison Prevention, and Toy Safety.  Also provides car seat safety strategies, and assistance for obtaining specialized car seat devices, and bike helmet fittings and sales.

Alert Me Bands

Alert Me Bands are the simple solution that not only communicates who to call in an emergency but also communicates and creates awareness for medical/special needs and allergy indications. The bands are adjustable and are the only solution available to date that are impossible for children to remove on their own! Because our ASD kiddos are even more at risk for wandering they especially need to be wearing these at all times! We tag our pets and our luggage with our contact information, shouldn't we be doing the same for our children


AMBER Alert GPS keeps families connected by enabling instant one-touch contact between kids and caregivers. A child can quickly, at the touch of ONE-button, speak with & receive calls from a caregiver, trigger a precise GPS location, and issue an email SOS alert to pre-selected persons of trust. Built-in safety features can be customized to trigger an alert including safe zones, low battery, breadcrumb tracking, speed limit and proximity to homes of registered sex offenders - all of which are accessible via a secure online dashboard, mobile app or email.

Angel Guard

Keep your passengers safe and their seatbelts on! The safety seatbelt release cover which acts as a safety barrier that deters children from unbuckling their seatbelts. 


Angelsense provides a GPS and voice monitoring solution to keep children with special needs safe and well cared-for.  The solution includes a wearable GPS device - designed to address sensory issues and a friendly app based on smart analytics. Parents use this product to oversee their children daily routine in real time, listen in to make sure they are treated well, get alerts for location changes, locate lost child with live updates, and view pictures of visited locations. The AngelSense customer care team members are all parents to children with special needs who are active users of the product.

Autism ID Card

The Autism ID Card helps people on the autism spectrum explain their medical condition to police, EMTs, and other first responders in the event of an emergency. Created by SEO Pittsburgh, in collaboration with the Allegheny County Office of the Public Defender.

Autism Speaks: Safety and wandering prevention checklist

Help keep your loved with autism safe by considering these action items for safety in the home and out in the community.

Autism Speaks: Autism Safety Toolkit

Provides tools and checklists for consideration of safety at home, in the community, and tips for teaching safety skills. 

Autism Speaks Safety Products

Resources including personal identification devices (e.g., bracelets, temporary tattoos, etc.), tracking devices, seat buckle guards, safety social stories, online safety tips, safety videos, etc.

AWAARE (AWAARE (Autism Wandering Awareness Alert Response and Education) Collaboration

NAA has created three digital safety toolkits: Caregiver Toolkit | First Responder Toolkit Teacher Toolkit

Includes Autism Wandering Safety Brochures and resources on where to purchase safety items (i.e., alarms, id bracelets/tags, etc.)

BE SAFE The Movie (BSTM) 

BE SAFE The Movie uses video modeling to show teens and adults with ASD how to interact safely with the police. Actors on the spectrum and real police and teach viewers what to do in different police encounters, ranging from a casual meeting to an arrest. 

BE SAFE Teaching Edition (BSTE) 

BSTE is an evidence-based teaching tool that includes BE SAFE The Movie plus a 300-page companion curriculum. Teachers and parents can use the curriculum to help diverse learners master the essential safety skills shown in Be Safe The Movie. Learn how to host interactive safety trainings with the police in your community using the BE SAFE materials. 

Car seat safety

Safety vest that is used in combination with the seatbelt. 

Care Trak

The Original Law Enforcement Rescue Program that electronically tracks people with Alzheimer's who wander and special needs kids. Sheriffs, Police, Fire Departments, SAR Teams, etc. use Care Trak to quickly locate at risk individuals.

Child Safety without Sacrificing Comfort and Décor 

The HearthSoft™, a custom-designed hearth cover, provides the ultimate in child safety around the fireplace hearth without sacrificing the parents’ desire for attractive and comfortable home furnishings. Comes in an array of fabrics and colors for any size hearth. 

Children's Harnesses by Elaine, Inc.

Child safety harnesses for baby or toddler; child-to-adult safety harnesses for larger children and those with special needs; and safety harnesses to use with an Autism Dog. A top safety product that is comfortable, easy to use, adjustable and more.

CDC: Safety and Children with Disabilities

Provides information specifically for families who have children with special needs, including: child safety: bullying, aggression and violence, abuse and neglect, disaster and trauma, self-injury, and wandering.

ELPH Safety Band ID 

ELPH, Easy Look Up to Phone Home, is a wearable silicone wristband that provides a highly visible form of identification. Uses QR Code Technology and 24/7 hotline help to reunite you and your loved one.  It is the simple solution that not only communicates who to call in an emergency but also communicates and creates awareness for medical/special needs and allergy indications. ELPH is a solution that will help ease the minds of parents, caretakers and adults living with autism.

Family Wandering Emergency Plan

Make sure your family has a plan in case of a wandering emergency. Includes section with critical information, emergency steps, locations to search, emergency contacts and more.

The Find’em Scent Kit

Providing the child’s personal scent to Search & Rescue First Responders saves valuable time in an emergency, because the K-9 Bloodhound tracking dogs have an uncontaminated scent to track, and more likely the ability to have a successful outcome and safe recovery. The Scent Kit package contains the instructions and tools necessary to easily and scientifically collect a child’s scent, as well as the Scent Safe container for convenient storage for one year. 


Keeping kids safe, room by room.


ICE4Autism is the ONLY autism-specific in case of emergency (ICE) mobile app. It easily stores vital information about an autistic person's unique and individual needs directly on their iPhone or iPad making the very information first responders and ER personnel need to interact with and treat the person properly, immediately accessible. Among other features, ICE4Autism also includes an "alert my emergency contacts" feature which sends an emergency alert text message to the user's emergency contacts.

If I Need Help 

Non profit offers personal wearable QR codes on patches, iD cards, seat belt alerts, bracelets, shoe tags and many more options that can be scanned or entered into the site to view a live profile. Also offers a Caregiver line and Autism Alerts on bumper stickers, yard signs and street signs. With the Free membership a caregiver can create the profile, edit the profile in real time, use the Emergency Q&A, Neighbor Alert and print out own code linking to profile to use as you wish.


ID bracelets using QR code technology that allows users to provide as much information as they see fit. Our IDs, when scanned, also send Alert Messages that tell the emergency contacts when the ID was scanned and provides a GPS location. The user can also upload an unlimited number of documents to be saved and retrieved for use at any time. For example, upload your child's IEP so there is no need to worry about wondering where you put those IEP papers.

Kheelz: Ice Card and Medical Alert ID System for Children

What if your child was lost, afraid or injured and/or could not speak…How would you know?
Kheelz: ICE Card & Medical Alert ID System provides parents with peace of mind by providing a safe, secure, simple and affordable way for children to carry an ICE (In Case of Emergency) Card & Medical Alert ID with them at all times wherever they go…Every Step They Take. The Kheelz ICE Card is located in a special pocket area of the Kheelz shoe insert it is easily accessible ONLY when needed. A shoelace charm (or waterproof permanent sticker for non-lace shoes) reads “ICE Card in Shoe Insert”. 

National Autism Association: Big Red Safety Toolkit

Toolkit providing the following tools and resources:

  • Caregiver Checklist
  • Family Wandering Emergency Plan (FWEP)
  • First-responder profile form. Please fill out and provide a copy to your local law enforcement agencies.
  • Swimming Lessons Tool
  • Root-cause Scenario & Strategies Tool
  • Stop Sign Prompts
  • Social Stories
  • Caregiver Log
  • Sample IEP Letter. (Never allow restraint/seclusion practices into any IEP as this increases associated risks.)
  • How To Get Tracking Technology In Your Town
  • General Awareness Letter: share with schools, homeowner’s association, law enforcement agencies, physicians, etc.
  • Five Affordable Safety Tools
  • Caregiver Resources One-sheeter

Neighbor Alert Letter

Provide this letter to trusted neighbors to inform them of your child's tendency to wander.

Project Lifesaver International

Project Lifesaver International helps provide rapid response to save lives and reduce potential for serious injury for adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer’s, autism, Down syndrome, dementia and other related cognitive conditions. Project Lifesaver provides equipment, training, certification and support to law enforcement, public safety organizations and community groups throughout the country and nation.

Safe Kids Worldwide

Website provides safety and injury prevention tips and videos categorized by "areas we work in" (e.g., at home, on the road, during sports and play) and by age, including topics such as water safety, bike safety, and many others. 

Videos for families and children with special needs

Safety-Care® Crisis Prevention Training

Safety-Care is more than crisis management training; it provides the skills and competencies necessary to effectively prevent, minimize, and manage behavioral challenges with dignity, safety, and the possibility of change.


SafetyTat is a fun and colorful temporary safety child ID tattoo that's uniquely offered either customized with your mobile phone number. When applied to the arm of your child or loved one, SafetyTat provides an immediate, highly visible form of child identification.

Safety Teaching Stories from Twigtale

Autism Speaks has collaborated with Twigtale to develop teaching stories to help keep your child safe! You provide the personal photos and details, Twigtale provides the scripted story. Stores include Water Safety, I Stay in My House, Police Officer My Friend, If I Get Lost and more. 

Seat Belt Buckle Guard

The Seat Belt Buckle Guard is a seat belt lock designed to prevent children with emotional and cognitive disabilities from releasing the seat belt while the car is in motion.


Provided by the City of Chicago, Smart911 is a free service that allows citizens to provide information to 911 and first responders before an emergency happens so that they can better help your child with special needs. 

Special Needs Child Passenger Safety Resource Center  

Locations: Chicago and Peoria  
The Special Needs Child Passenger Safety Resource Center is funded by the Illinois Department of Transportation. We educate parents and caregivers of children with special needs on the importance of proper child passenger safety.


The SwingSafe is a lightweight, portable, clip on attachment that provides a child with back support while on a swing. SwingSafe does not attach the child to the swing, and is adjustable to accommodate different size swings and can support up to 100 pounds.

Teaching Safety FAQ

Tips and strategies to help teach your child safety skills.


toddlermonitor™ was created by a Mom, after her son snuck out of his bedroom and their house one night while she was sleeping. toddlermonitor™ hangs on your kid's bedroom door and will alert your phone if your little escape artist leaves their bedroom at night. Get a great night's sleep - that little one isn't going anywhere!

Wallet Card 

The Wallet Card is a free tool for teenagers and adults who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It is designed to help them communicate clearly with law enforcement or first responders. And free! The Wallet Card Project is collaboration between the University of Miami-Nova Southeastern University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (UM-NSU CARD), the Coral Gables Police Department, and Disability Independence Group (DIG).