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Driving Rehabilitation

The Occupational Therapy Department at Rush offers Driving Rehabilitation to help keep you driving safely as long as you are able. We also assess the need for adaptions to your car or van (e.g., steering wheel changes, adding hand controls).

What does a driving evaluation involve?

Clinical driving evaluation requires approximately two hours and includes the following:

  • Brief medical history
  • Cognitive screening
  • Brake reaction speed test
  • Visual screening

Behind the wheel evaluation, if appropriate, is scheduled on another day with an occupational therapist and driving instructor. This evaluation includes the following:

  • Driving in a real world setting
  • Independently getting in and out of a car, and storing mobility aids as needed
  • Identifying the need for adaptive equipment

Am I eligible for a driving evaluation?

To receive a driving evaluation, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be seizure free for at least six months
  • Have a physician's order
  • Have a valid driver's license or temporary permit
  • Meet state minimum visual requirements

For More Information, please contact the Rush Occupational Therapy Department at (312) 563-2454.