Wound Care Center at Rush Oak Park Hospital Reaches 20-year Milestone of Exceptional Service

(May 16, 2018) - For 20 years the Wound Care Center at Rush Oak Park Hospital has provided high-quality and compassionate care to its patients, while helping heal even the most problematic wounds. With an exceptional healing rate maintained at 98 percent or greater, and an outstanding patient satisfaction record of 96.5 percent, the center is celebrating its 20-year milestone at the top of its game.

Donald Nash, MD, medical director of the center since its inception in 1998, attributed the center’s longevity and success to the dedication and collaboration of its staff members, many of whom have been working in the unit for a decade or more.

“I am extremely proud to say that over the past 20 years the Wound Care Center at Rush Oak Park Hospital has maintained a highly-dedicated and altruistic staff qualified to embrace any number of wounds with various degrees of complexity,” he said. “Our focus remains prevention, education, early intervention, knowledge and flexibility to our approach by finding ways to translate promising research discoveries into clinically relevant treatment options.”    

Led by Nash, the center currently has a staff of 11 registered nurses, a patient care technician, and two administrators. Rounding out the team is the unit’s eight doctors—three surgeons, two interventional radiologists, a podiatrist, a family medicine physician and an internal medicine physician.

“Our staff members stay because they own their clinics and are very responsible for the care and outcomes of their patients,” said, Chris Evans, RN, BSN, MBA, CWCN, who has been unit director of the Wound Care Center for the last six years and clinical manager for the last 12. “We heal wounds but also touch hearts and develop deep, warm therapeutic relationships with our patients and families as well as each other.”

The Wound Care Center at Rush Oak Park Hospital offers highly specialized wound care to patients suffering from venous ulcers and venous disease, diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, infections and other chronic wounds which have not healed in a reasonable amount of time.  

“It takes a certain level of dedication, commitment and talent to achieve a level of exceptional care year after year, which is a reflection on the physicians and staff of the Wound Care Center here at Rush Oak Park Hospital,” said Jon Rusco, MS, OTR/L, MA, director of rehabilitation services at the hospital. “Because of this level of quality care, the center consistently either meets or exceeds its goals.”

Patients can be referred to the Wound Care Center at Rush Oak Park Hospital by a doctor or by calling 708.660.3950 to make an appointment.

For more information about the Wound Care Center at Rush Oak Park Hospital, visit the hospital’s web site at Roph.org.

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