Women's Health

Women’s Health

Hotline Will Coordinate Complex Abortion Care

Illinois launches CARLA program with RUSH, UIC, other medical centers and Chicago Abortion Fund
Dr. Laura Laursen speaks. Gov. J.B. Pritzker in the background
Pregnancy & Childbirth

Nurse Home Visits Help Moms and Newborns

Family Connects program aims to improve infant, maternal health
Sharon Hayes and newborn daughter Jillian
Pregnancy & Childbirth

Chade’s Story: Educating Others About HELLP Syndrome

Preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome led to a scary few weeks for Chade and her baby. Awareness may help save lives
Women’s Health

Menopause Myths and Misconceptions

Turn to your gynecologist to find safe, reliable relief from hot flashes and other symptoms
Woman holding medicine and directions
Women’s Health

Sobering Facts About Wine, Women and Liver Disease

Take a break from alcohol and the ‘Mommy Wine’ culture
A woman pouring a glass of red wine
Women’s Health

Ensuring Access to Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care

Family Planning Fund covers patient expenses for medical procedures and ancillary costs
Sadia Haider, MD, MPH, smiling with colleagues at the White House
Women’s Health

Joy's Story: Robotics Aids Breast Reconstruction

Robot-assisted DIEP flap surgery can mean less pain, quicker recovery
Joy Sobocinski
Heart Health

New Research Flips the Script on Women and AFib

Study finds women are actually more likely than men to have the heart condition
Women in Afib
Women’s Health

Melania's Story: 'Life-Changing' RFA for Thyroid Nodule

How radiofrequency ablation helped Melania Nunez get her confidence back
Waterford Place

‘Pretty in Pink’ Raises Awareness and Funds

A fundraiser in support of breast cancer awareness benefits Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center
Omar Ramos, program development and operations manager at Waterford Place, got a pink strand in his hair to help raise funds for Waterford Place and awareness of breast cancer.