Women's Health

Women’s Health

Raising Awareness of HIV Prevention Among Black Women

RUSH, Planned Parenthood of Illinois, others partner on study to increase understanding of HIV risk and preventive medications
PrEP for HIV

Fueling RUSH’s Future

Donor-supported endowments drive the work of RUSH University faculty members in perpetuity
From left to right: Kumar B. Rajan, PhD; Amina Ahmed, MD; John W. Burns, PhD; Kerstin Stenson, MD, FACS; and Monique Reed, PhD, MS, RN, FAAN.
Children’s Health

Measles 2024: What You Need to Know

The vaccine provides lifelong protection against the potentially severe, highly contagious virus
Woman with measles scratching arm
Heart Health

Women’s Heart Health Facts Differ From Men’s

Risks, symptoms and treatment needs are not the same
Rupa Sanghani with PET heart scan images
Women’s Health

Incontinence Could Point to Future Disability

More frequent incontinence linked to higher chance of bigger health issues
Woman looking distressed.
Women’s Health

Hotline Will Coordinate Complex Abortion Care

Illinois launches CARLA program with RUSH, UIC, other medical centers and Chicago Abortion Fund
Dr. Laura Laursen speaks. Gov. J.B. Pritzker in the background
Pregnancy & Childbirth

Nurse Home Visits Help Moms and Newborns

Family Connects program aims to improve infant, maternal health
Sharon Hayes and newborn daughter Jillian
Pregnancy & Childbirth

Chade’s Story: Educating Others About HELLP Syndrome

Preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome led to a scary few weeks for Chade and her baby. Awareness may help save lives
Women’s Health

Menopause Myths and Misconceptions

Turn to your gynecologist to find safe, reliable relief from hot flashes and other symptoms
Woman holding medicine and directions
Women’s Health

Sobering Facts About Wine, Women and Liver Disease

Take a break from alcohol and the ‘Mommy Wine’ culture
A woman pouring a glass of red wine