Antibody Properties in Plasma Can Predict COVID-19 Severity

Researchers across RUSH University found a correlation between inflammatory bulk IgG glycans and COVID-19 severity
Microscopic view of coronavirus

Could COVID-19 Hold a Cancer Cure?

RUSH researchers find virus’ spike protein reduces lung tumors in lab study
Health Equity

$51 Million NIH Grant Will Help RUSH and Partners Improve Health Equity

Funding continues support for the Institute for Translational Medicine, co-led by RUSH and the University of Chicago
Four people standing in front of a backdrop wth the ITM logo

Testing Wastewater to Fight Drug-Resistant Infections

RUSH, Discovery Partners Institute will develop a new process
A scientist prepares samples for genomic sequencing

$340K Awarded to Study Emerging Health Threats

RUSH supports eight innovative infectious disease projects
Student working on biotech research

New Class of Genes That Cause Autism Found

RUSH is part of the large-scale SPARK DNA research project behind new findings
Test tubes for genetic research
Brain Health & Conditions

ICU Stay May Double Risk of Dementia

RUSH researchers find new evidence of link between ICU stays, dementia development
Intensive Care Unit

Spiritual Life Can Positively Affect Health

Study finds "strong body of evidence" linking spirituality, health outcomes and coping
Sunlight shining through trees

Rush Team Explores New Telehealth Intervention to Improve Blood Pressure Medication Adherence

Over half of patients with hypertension do not take their medication as prescribed — so researchers are testing telehealth strategies to help them stay on track
A man holds up a prescription bottle to show on a video call
Alzheimer’s Disease

Strawberries May Help Fend Off Alzheimer's

Compound in strawberries associated with fewer tau tangles in brain, according to RUSH researchers
Strawberries in white blow