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RUSH Expands School-based Health Care to South Side

Teens in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood can access health services in their school

Student speaks at microphone
Mental & Behavioral Health

What Drives Young People to Commit Hate Crimes

Insights into the tragedy in Buffalo from a RUSH psychiatrist

Mass shootings
Mental & Behavioral Health

'The Healing Powers of Art'

Art therapy gives veterans a creative outlet for expressing emotions, coping with PTSD

Art therapy for veterans
Mental & Behavioral Health

Preventing and Managing Chronic Conditions With Lifestyle Medicine

How you can use lifestyle changes, such as exercise and weight management, to keep yourself healthy

Mental & Behavioral Health

Recognizing and Accepting Autism Around You

How you can help someone struggling to fit into a non-autistic world

Autism awareness
Mental & Behavioral Health

RUSH Program Gets Patients Mental Health Care Faster

Unique partnership means patients hear from a counselor within a week

Neha Gupta, MD
Mental & Behavioral Health

5 Facts About Depression

When to seek help for the most common type of mental illness

Mental & Behavioral Health

Signs of Anxiety and Depression

Eftihia Davelis, DO, shares the importance of managing your mental health and knowing when to see your doctor.

Mental & Behavioral Health

6 Tips for a Healthy Relationship

How to maintain a connection with a loved one

Mental & Behavioral Health

Why We Fall for Misinformation

Memory, emotions can affect how people distinguish fact from fiction

True and false signs