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Gastrointestinal Health

Acid Reflux Surgery

Suffering from acid reflux? Learn more about how anti-reflux surgery can help alleviate your symptoms from Manuel Sanchez-Casalongue, MD, PhD.
Ear, Nose & Throat

Treatment Options for Sinus Issues

If you're experiencing frequent nasal congestion, repeated sinus infections and other sinus issues, you have options, both medically and surgically. ENT specialist Michael Eggerstedt, MD, discusses options to help you breathe easier.
Women’s Health

Women's Digestive Health

Learn more from Stephanie Kalant, DO, about why women shouldn’t feel uncomfortable talking about their digestive health.

Cancer Prevention

What steps can you take to help prevent cancer? Tarig Ahmed, MD, hematologist/oncologist, shares these helpful tips.
Waterford Place

Radiation Oncologist Recommends Waterford Place

Sumita Bhatia, MD, oncologist, recommends Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center and its free programs and services to anyone going through a cancer journey.
Oncologist recommends Waterford Place

Type 2 Diabetes and the Hispanic Community

Stephanie Amor-Arteaga, APRN, discusses how Type 2 diabetes affects the Hispanic Community and shares tips on prevention.

Rush News Article
Heart Health

Managing Atrial Fibrillation

Edward Lipman, MD, electrophysiologist with Rush Copley Cardiovascular, explains what atrial fibrillation is, why it needs to be managed and how it can be treated.
Atrial Fibrillation
Bones and Joints

Same-Day Total Joint Replacement

Learn more about outpatient total joint replacement from surgeon Matthew Squire, MD, MS
Matthew Squire, MD, MS, with joint replacement patient
Mental & Behavioral Health

Signs of Anxiety and Depression

Eftihia Davelis, DO, shares the importance of managing your mental health and knowing when to see your doctor.
Heart Health

Preventing and Treating Varicose Veins

Basharat Muneer, MD, a cardiologist with Rush Copley Cardiovascular, discusses tips on preventing varicose veins and minimally invasive treatment options.