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Pregnancy & Childbirth

Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe for Expectant Moms?

Rush experts explain why the vaccine is safe for both pregnant women and their babies

Children’s Health

Kids and COVID-19

Pediatric infectious disease specialist Latania Logan, MD, MSPH, offers insight and tips about in-person school, youth sports, vaccinating kids and the COVID variants


Spring COVID-19 Update

Paul Casey, MD, MBA, Rush University Medical Center's Chief Medical Officer answers common questions about the vaccine and COVID-19 variants

Patient Stories

Betsi's Story

Treatment for concussion at Rush gets triathlete back in the race

Patient Stories

Virginia's Story

How MRI-guided focused ultrasound at Rush addressed Virginia's essential tremor

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Having a Baby During COVID-19

Rush provides a safe environment for moms and families throughout their pregnancies

Brain Health & Conditions

'In the Best Hands': the Rush Multiple Sclerosis Center

Meet Angie Randall and the Rush care team that helps her manage her MS

Patient Stories

Sara and Jenna's Story

How Rush Copley physicians helped mom and daughter confront celiac disease, cancer


'I Believe in Science'

A Rush Copley physician explains why she felt safe getting the COVID-19 vaccine

Gastrointestinal Health

Don't Dread the Colonoscopy Prep

Our taste testers sample the latest colonoscopy prep solutions